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What is Courageous Leadership?

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Courageous Leadership is the demonstrated ability & willingness to communicate and accomplish specific goals and objectives for self, others, and organizations through adhering to a unique combination of courageous leadership characteristics.

Learning, accepting, and developing these characteristics is the major purpose of this leadership development philosophy.

Courageous leaders choose to live an exceptional life – consciously assigning themselves goals and objectives that are uncommon to most others. Courageous leaders are neither surprised nor discouraged by the fact that they are usually the only ones in the room with such steadfast principles. Courageous leaders recognize they are imperfect – yet feel an obligation to lead themselves and others towards excellence – despite their human shortcomings.

An absence of such Courageous Leadership is not cowardice – rather, it is simply a life of normalcy. Normal people do not burn for evermore responsibility; normal people do not have an innate drive that requires they purposefully balance Work, Family, and Self; and normal people do not voluntarily strive to go above and beyond on a daily basis.

In my own life and leadership, I strive to be a courageous leader – but I remain far from the ideal leader my concept identifies. Thus, my intent is not to set myself up on a pedestal as the courageous leader you should ascribe to be. Rather, my intent is to show you – through the knowledge, experiences, and techniques I have gained through 40+ years of leading myself, others, and organizations; studying and writing about leadership; and teaching and consulting on leadership – a clear path to your own life as a Courageous Leader.

Please share examples of courageous leaders who live an exceptional life even though they are not perfect.

Next, we will explore how to develop courage as a leader.

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