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How Can YOU Develop Courageous Leadership?

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Courage can be developed in self, others, and organizations just like any other leadership competency. Of course, some people are born with innate talent and/or possess increased learning capacity but, at the end of the day, all of us can learn to dribble a basketball or pluck a guitar string. For example, if you wanted to learn how to play a guitar, you would set the goal; define objectives; buy a book; hire a teacher; practice; and achieve competency. Likewise, if you wanted to run a marathon you would identify the event; schedule a progressive training regimen; potentially hire a coach; start training; and run the marathon on the selected date.

The same principle holds true for the development of Courageous Leadership. Your spark of Courageous Leadership can be nurtured & grown if you identify your goals & define your objectives. You may either-

  • Buy my book “Courageous Leadership: Identify & Achieve your Lifetime Goals” and work through the 12 weeks of developmental actions;


  • Participate in one of our leadership development programs.

We have discovered that achieving those competencies – in both individuals and organizations – is best achieved through a program of leadership development – embedded in the organization – with a staff, budget, and mission – just like all other organizational programs.

I lead and teach people from all walks of life – across all levels of experience from CEOs to Entry-Level; across all fields of profession from Blue Collar to White Collar; and across all levels of education from Ph.D.’s to GED’s. Thus, the path to Courageous Leadership proficiency is relevant across those same demographics. Our Courageous Leadership Development Programs are designed to help you become proficient.

For more information about Flatter Leadership Development Programs contact Leadership@FlatterInc.com.

What are you doing today to develop Courageous Leadership knowledge, skills, abilities & experiences? Please share your thoughts in the comments block below.

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