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Identify & Achieve Your Lifetime Goals

No matter who you are, you can develop your leadership knowledge, skills and abilities! This engaging, thought-provoking, and practical book offers a succinct & inspiring framework for enhancing the leadership abilities you already possess. J.R. Flatter, Ph.D. presents a path to your own life as a Courageous Leader based on his knowledge and experience gained through 40+ years leading organizations; teaching and consulting on leadership; and studying and writing about leadership. Dr. Flatter is a business owner, author, retired Marine Corps Officer, scholar, professor, speaker, consultant, coach, mentor, husband, and father. This unparalleled book will help you identify, execute, and sustain a plan to achieve courageous leadership. 

Courageous Leadership: Identify and Achieve Your Lifetime Goals offers insight and a plan of action to help individuals of all levels, functions, and backgrounds to learn, accept, and develop courageous leadership. Dr. Flatter first introduces you to the potentially life-changing philosophy of Courageous Leadership. Then, as leadership development requires much more than simply reading inspirational quotes and uplifting stories, this book guides you through 12 weeks of developmental actions which will re-invent the way you think, behave, communicate, and lead! Rich with templates and examples, this 12-week guide will shepherd your transformation into a skilled and courageous leader on a lifelong path toward mastery. 

For the purposes of this 12-week engagement, Dr. Flatter selected ten courageous characteristics drawn from his own experience and study. Included in this book is a rich examination of the following courageous characteristics:

● Principled;
● Technically, Cognitively, & Emotionally Aligned;
● Work, Family, & Self Balanced;
● Visionary;
● Humble;
● Powerful;
● Bold;
● Driven;
● Charismatic;
● Unreasonable.

Courageous Leadership: Identify and Achieve Your Lifetime Goals is divided into digestible chapters that encourage daily actions to become a Courageous Leader. Dr. Flatter focuses on achieving and solidifying significant results quickly. Phase 1 includes one week of planning and preparation. Phase 2, the developmental action phase, is broken into ten 7-day sections. Each 7-day section focuses on developing one specific courageous characteristic. Dr. Flatter’s objectives are to achieve proficiency on each courageous characteristic and to build your confidence and insights to pursue a lifelong path to a mastery level of knowledge. Phase 3 includes a week of consolidation and future planning. 

In this developmental engagement, Dr. Flatter provides specific guidance and templates for journaling, semi-structured conversations, mentoring, and self-assessment. For example, each week you will seek advice, information and referrals from a mentor. Throughout this developmental journey, you will conduct 28 semi-structured conversations with yourself and important people in your life. Dr. Flatter provides specific advice and questions that may be used for these discussions. 

Now is the time to begin your journey as a courageous leader! Dr. Flatter challenges readers to do the meaningful and disciplined work necessary to become a courageous leader, using his clear, straightforward approach. It’s the actions that one does day in and day out that pave the path to Courageous Leadership. Begin today! Become a Courageous Leader who effectively identifies and achieves YOUR goals! 



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